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11-Foot Gator Removed From Sarasota County Pool: Watch

11-Foot Gator Removed From Sarasota County Pool: Watch

SARASOTA, FL – An 11-foot alligator was removed from a pool in Sarasota County Friday night. Around midnight, Sarasota County deputies got a call about a gator found in a swimming pool in the Calusa Lakes neighborhood in Nokomis.

The sheriff’s office was tweeting about their night on patrol in their #TweetFromTheBeat when they got the call. Twitter users can follow deputies on patrol in live tweets when the department holds its #TweetFromTheBeat.

"Just when you think your #TweetFromTheBeat is off to a slow start…you get a call for a #Gator in a swimming pool," the tweet read. #Florida #OnlyInSarasota #SOS #SendHelp.

Deputies called a trapper who pulled the gator from the swimming pool. A video of the encounter was posted on the sheriff’s Facebook page.

It’s alligator mating season in Florida when trappers get the most calls to catch nuisance gators. The mating season continues through June.

Florida residents are starting to see alligators move from nearby lakes and retention ponds to their doorsteps or, in this case, pools as male gators search for female mates.

Image and video via Sarasota County Sheriff

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